Finnish Proverbs

Finnish Proverbs

A little bit of experience is better than a barrel full of knowledge

A married man has many sorrows unmarried man has one more.

Age does not give sense it only makes one go slowly.

Being in love is like feeling the sun from both sides.

Even the clock shows the time without knowing anything.

Everything is beautiful once the eye likes the view.

Great things often come from small beginnings.

He needs a long candle who awaits the death of another.

He who cannot light a fire knows nothing about love.

He who praises the past blames the present.

Help the man climbing a hill, not the one standing below it.

An honest man would rather sell his land than tell a lie.

Love blinds your eyes, marriage opens them wide.

The wise person is only cheated once.

War does not determine who is right, only who is remaining.